Welcome to SWAG at KAUST, a group made up of students and researchers (see People) dedicated to Seismic Wave Analysis research and development with funding primarily from KAUST, as well external sources. We hope this page will be a vehicle to make our work visible and available online to the scientific community at large as well as our sponsors. To learn more about SWAG vision, mission, and scope, please access the following link. Also feel free to explore info on research done at SWAG. KAUST is thriving to be a hub for ideas and innovations and we plan to contribute to this effort in the seismic wave analysis arena.

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  • Ramzi Djebbi, René-Edouard Plessix and Tariq Alkhalifah, "Analysis of the traveltime sensitivity kernels for an acoustic transversely isotropic medium with a vertical axis of symmetry", Geophysical Prospecting (2015): accepted.​
Anisotropy, Tomography, Inversion
  • Umair bin Waheed and Tariq Alkhalifah, "Effective ellipsoidal models for wavefield extrapolation in tilted orthorhombic media", Special issue of Studia (2015):submitted.​
effective model, tilted orthorhombic media
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migration, prestack, velocity analysis
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anisotropy, data dependency
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anisotropy, VTI, diffraction