PSE Annual Research Expo 2023

25 October, 2022

2023 10 25 - PSE Annual Research Expo

The Seismic Wave Analysis Group recently presented their latest research findings at the PSE Annual Research Expo 2023. The group’s poster showcased their recent advances in

  • Microseismic Event Detection and Location,
  • Automated Seismic Data Processing,
  • Geophysical Inversion and Modeling with PINNS, and
  • Microseismic Source Imaging.

The presentation was led by Yuanyuan Yang. Mohammad Hasyim Taufik and Randy Harsuko were also there to answer questions and engage with the audience that expressed interest in the group's work.

The PSE Annual Research Expo is an annual event that provides a platform for researchers to showcase their latest research findings and developments. The event is organized by the Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).