SWAG is currently looking for potential Ph.D. Students.

JoinUs - PostDocs and PhD Students 01The Requirements for Ph.D.

A BS or MS in Geophysics, Applied Mathematics or Electrical Engineering and the Toefl and GRE exams. The Ph.D. degree - is typically a three- to four-year post-master's degree. The Ph.D., involves original research, culminating in a research dissertation.

All courses at KAUST are taught in English. KAUST maintains flexibility in its fields of study and curricular design in order to attract highly qualified students with diverse ag​endas and backgrounds. This flexibility helps keep KAUST competitive internationally and ensure that its programs are accepted by, and its credits interchangeable with, the degree programs at other universities around the world.

Earth Science and Engineering Program Course Requirements.

JoinUs - PostDocs and PhD Students 02Why choose KAUST?

  • Students and faculty are involved in high-impact research areas of global significance.
  • Research Centers provide an environment for targeted, goal-oriented research programs.
  • The world-class faculty works with University leadership to support the institution's talented international students and researchers.
  • The lack of departmental/disciplinary barriers encourages students and faculty to carry out interdisciplinary research.
  • KAUST supports extraordinary state-of-the-art core facilities.
  • Stable guaranteed funding ensures the continuity of programming and the highest quality research and teaching.
  • Extensive collaborations with industrial partners potentially lead to internships and eventually to job opportunities for graduates.
  • The beautiful and quiet residential campus favors dedicated research and study.
  • The diverse and international faculty, staff and student body create a unique multicultural experience.

KAUST's campus is situated about 90 kilometers north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second largest city. The campus is set on more than 36 square kilometers along the Red Sea, next to a wonderful little fishing village called Thuwal. The views of the sea from the campus are amazing, especially the views from our state of the art library, make for an extremely inspiring and tranquil setting to study and live in.

We invite you to join us in creating history!

If you are interested please visit our Research page and send your CV to swag@kaust.edu.sa

Also visit KAUST Admission for online applications to KAUST.