Vladimir Kazei

Research Scientists


Research Interests

Seismic imaging & inversion with deep learning: inverse problems, deep learning, FWI; elastic anisotropy; edge-preserving regularizations; open-source software​

Selected Publications

  • Kazei, V., Ovcharenko, O., Zhang, X., Peter, D. & Alkhalifah, T. Mapping full seismic waveforms to vertical velocity profiles by deep learning. Geophysics, revision submitted (2020).
  • Kalita, M., Kazei, V., Choi, Y. & Alkhalifah, T. Regularized full-waveform inversion with automated salt flooding. Geophysics 84, R569–R582 (2019).
  • Kazei, V. & Alkhalifah, T. Scattering Radiation Pattern Atlas: What anisotropic elastic properties can body waves resolve? Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124, 2781–2811 (2019).
  • Ovcharenko, O., Kazei, V., Kalita, M., Peter, D. & Alkhalifah, T. A. Deep learning for low-frequency extrapolation from multi-offset seismic data. Geophysics, (2019).
  • Yao, G., da Silva, N. V., Kazei, V., Wu, D. & Yang, C. Extraction of the tomography mode with non-stationary smoothing for full-waveform inversion. Geophysics 84, R527–R537 (2019). 
  • Kazei, V. & Alkhalifah, T. Waveform inversion for orthorhombic anisotropy with P waves: feasibility and resolution. Geophysical Journal International 213, 963–982 (2018).


  • ​PhD in geophysics, Saint Petersburg State University} (2012-2015).
  • Thesis advisor: Boris M. Kashtan (SPSU, Faculty of Physics, Earth's Physics Department)
  • Master of Sciences in physics (major in Geophysics) with distinction, Saint Petersburg State University (2009-2012). Thesis advisor: Boris M. Kashtan
  • Bachelor of Sciences in physics (mojor in Mathematical Physics) with distinction from Saint Petersburg State University (2005-2009). 
  • Thesis advisor: Nikolay D. Filonov (Department of Mathematical Physics).

Professional Profile

  • 2010 – 2015 Engineer-researcher (geophysicist) at Saint Petersburg State University,\\ Faculty of Physics, Earth's Physics Department,\\ Laboratory of Elastic Media Dynamics Mathematical derivations and scientific programming for geophysical problems. Seismic data modelling and processing. Involved into a project: ``Full-waveform inversion'' sponsored by Shell Global Solutions International B.V. since 2011.
  • 2013 – 2015 Visiting-researcher (geophysicist) at University of Hamburg, \\ Institute of Geophysics, Chair of Applied Seismics \\ Development of ``Pseudo-spectral seismic waveform inversion'' codes.
  • 2014, October Visiting-researcher (geophysicist) at Colorado School of Mines, \\ Department of Geophysics, Center for Wave Phenomena \\ Short stay to collaborate with Prof. Paul Sava on development of extended images applications to full-waveform inversion.
  • 2015, March-April Visiting-researcher (geophysicist) at KAUST, \\ Seismic Wave Analysis Group (SWAG)

Scientific and Professional Membership



  • ​The Government of St. Petersburg grant for outstanding PhD students 2014
  • G-RISC scholarship 2013-2015
  • SEG/Chevron scholarship 2015

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​P.S.​E.

Research Interests Keywords

Seismic imaging & inversion with deep learning Inverse problems Deep learning FWI Elastic anisotropy Edge-preserving regularizations Open-source software