Nabil Masmoudi

PhD Students


Research Interests

  • Multi-parameter full-waveform inversion
  • Anisotropy estimation
  • Ray theory and partial differential equations
  • Time-lapse monitoring
  • High-performance computing​

Selected Publications

  • Masmoudi, N., and Alkhalifah, T., 2016,  A new parameterization for waveform inversion in acoustic orthorhombic media, Geophysics 81 (4), R157-R171.
  • Alkhalifah T., Masmoudi N. and Oh JW., 2016, A recipe for practical full-waveform inver- sion in orthorhombic anisotropy. The Leading Edge, 35(12), 1076-1083.
  • Masmoudi, N., and Alkhalifah, T., 2016, Traveltime approximations and parameter estimation for orthorhombic media, Geophysics 81 (4), C127-C137.
  • Masmoudi, N., Stovas, A. and Alkhalifah, T. 2017, Scanning anisotropy parameters in horizontal transversely isotropic media. Geophysical Prospecting, 65: 981–991.
  • Stovas A., Masmoudi N. and Alkhalifah T., 2016, Application of perturbation theory to a P-wave eikonal equation in orthorhombic media. Geophysics, 81(6), C309-C317.
  • Masmoudi, N., Tsvankin, I., and Alkhalifah, T., 2016, Feasibility of High-resolution Fracture Characterization Using Waveform Inversion, 78th EAGE Expanded Abstracts.
  • Masmoudi N. and Psencik I. , 2014, Approximate P-wave ray tracing and dynamic ray tracing in weakly orthorhombic media of varying symmetry orientation. 76th Annual EAGE meeting, EAGE Expanded Abstracts, We G105 16.


  • M.S. Earth Science and Engineering, KAUST, KSA, 2014
  • B.Eng. Polytechnic Engineering, TPS, Tunisia, 2012

Professional Profile

  • Internship in Total E&P, Pau, France, August-October 2016.
           Time-lapse (4D) FWI by joint inversion with constraints.

  • Research collaboration with Prof. Ilya Tsvankin at CSM, USA, September-October 2015.
           Collaboration on the potential of high-resolution fractures characterization using FWI.

  • Research collaboration with Prof. Alexey Stovas at NTNU, Norway, June 2014.​
           Collaboration on Dix inversion for azimuthally varying media.

  • Research collaboration with Prof. Ivan Psencik at the Institute of Geophysics, Czech Republic, August 2013.
           Developing ray tracing method for tilted orthorhombic media.
  • Internship supervised by Evgeny Landa at the Applied Geophysical Research Group, France, February - June 2012.
           Developing an imaging method without precise velocity models.
  • Internship supervised by Noomane Drissi in Tunisian Company for Oil Research and Exploration.
           Implementation of seismic attributes for reservoir characterization.

Scientific and Professional Membership

I am member of SEG and EAGE.


  • 2012 KAUST Fellowship, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.
  • 2009 - 2012 TPS Scholarship, Tunisia Polytechnic School, Tunisia

Research Interests Keywords

Seismic imaging