Chao Song

PhD Students



B1/L3 - 3305-WS10


​I am Chao Song, from China. Currently, I am a PhD student at KAUST under the direction of Prof. Tariq Alkhalifah. Before coming to KAUST, I spent 7 years studying at Jilin Universtiy, China as a bachelor student and a master student. I had done some research on AVO inversion and impedance inversion. Now I am starting my research on Seismic Full Waveform Inversion.

Research Interests

Microseismic event estimation, Full waveform inversion (FWI) for anisotropic and attenuating media and Machine learning

Selected Publications

  1. Chao Song, Zedong Wu, and Tariq Alkhalifah. Passive seismic event estimation using multi-scattering waveform inversion. Geophysics, 84.3 (2019): KS59-KS69.

  2. Chao Song, Tariq Alkhalifah, and Zedong Wu. Microseismic event estimation and velocity analysis based on a source-focusing function. Geophysics, 84.3 (2019): KS85-KS94.

  3. Chao Song, and Tariq Alkhalifah. Micro-seismic event estimation based on the efficient wavefield inversion. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 12.11(2019), 4664-4671.

  4. Tariq Alkhalifah, and Chao Song. An efficient wavefield inversion: Using a modified source function in the wave equation, Geophysics, 84 .6(2019), R921-R934.

  5. Chao Song, and Tariq Alkhalifah. Efficient wavefield inversion with outer iterations and total variation constraint. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 58.8(2020), 5836-5846.

  6. Chao Song, and Tariq Alkhalifah. An efficient wavefield inversion for transversely isotropic media with a vertical axis of symmetry. Geophysics, 85.3 (2020), R195-R206.

  7. Chao Song, and Tariq Alkhalifah. Source-independent efficient wavefield inversion. Geophysical Journal International, 222(2020), 697-714.

  8. Chao Song, Tariq Alkhalifah, and Yuanyuan Li. A sequential inversion with outer iterations for the velocity and the intrinsic attenuation using an efficient wavefield inversion. Geophysics, 85.6 (2020), R447-R459.

  9. Chao Song, Tariq Alkhalifah, and Umair bin Waheed. Solving the acoustic VTI wave equation using physics-informed neural networks. Geophysical Journal International, (2021), accepted.


  • ​2009.9-2013.6 BS, Jilin University, China
  • 2013.9-2016.6 MS, Jilin University, China

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • ​SEG

KAUST Affiliations

  • SWAG, ErSE, Department of PSE, KAUST​​

Research Interests Keywords

Microseismic event estimation Full waveform inversion (FWI) for anisotropic and attenuating media Machine learning