Tutorial by Claire Birnie and Sixiu Liu in Transform 2022

27 April, 2022


TRANSFORM is the annual virtual conference on the digital subsurface.

Software Underground is organizing a week of learning and collaboration opportunities on 22—28 April 2022. The event will be offering programming sprints, hands-on tutorials, lightning talks, special interest group meetings, and local meetups. The week also includes the Annual General Meeting of the Software Underground.



N2V Transform Tutorial

2022 04 Claire-Transform2022


27th April 2022 @ 11:00 – 13:00 UTC (14:00 – 16:00 KSA)


Claire Birnie and Sixiu Liu

Tutorial Objectives

Self-supervised learning offers a solution to the common limitation of the lack of noisy-clean pairs of data for training deep learning seismic denoising procedures. 


In this tutorial, we will explain the theory behind blind-spot networks and how these can be used in a self-supervised manner, removing any requirement of clean-noisy training data pairs. We will deep dive into how the original methodologies for random noise can be adapted to handle realistic noise in seismic data, both pseudo-random noise and structured noise. Furthermore, each sub-topic presented will be followed by a live, code-along session such that all participants will be able to recreate the work shown and can afterwards apply it to their own use cases.