Prof. Whitney Trainor-Guitton visits KAUST and SWAG

09 March, 2022


Whitney Trainor-Guitton is an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Geophysics of the Colorado School of Mines

Her research blends spatial statistics, data science, and geophysical inversion. I’m interested in quantifying the uncertainty of models generated by geophysical data, and how this effects decisions. I’m particularly interested in infusing geostatistics into geothermal exploration and quantifying the information content of distributed acoustic sensing.

Whitney was invited to give a talk in the Earth Sciences and Engineering Seminar Series on Wednesday, March 9th 2022 and her talk is titled "The Value of and Challenges for Geophysics in Geothermal Exploration".

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During her stay in KAUST members of SWAG had the chance to meet with her and exchange research ideas.