Professor Leon Thomsen visiting SWAG

21 January, 2020

Leon Thomsen holds degrees in geophysics from Caltech (BS, 1964) and Columbia (PhD, 1969). His academic career began with postdoctoral appointments at CNRS in Paris, and at Caltech in Pasadena, followed by a tenured faculty appointment at the State University of New York at Binghamton (1972-80).
Thomsen's industrial career began in 1980, at Amoco's famous Tulsa Research Center. In 1995, he moved to Amoco's Worldwide Exploration Group in Houston, to help implement the ideas (e.g. AVO) that he had earlier helped to invent. After the 1999 merger, he served in BP's Exploration and Production Technology Group in Houston as Principal Geophysicist and Senior Advisor.

Following retirement from BP in 2008, he remains professionally and scientifically active as Chief Scientist of Delta Geophysics,  as Research Professor at the University of Houston, and as Visiting Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Thomsen has led technical development through innovation in vector seismics: polar anisotropy, azimuthal anisotropy, azimuthal AVO, converted-waves, Life-of-Field-Seismics, and pore-pressure prediction, through numerous SEG publications and presentations, and patents.

More on his research interests here.


Leon Thomsen will be giving a 2-day seminar on "Modern Reservoir Characterization" in KAUST.