SWAG Courses - Spring 2015

25 January, 2015

​Two courses will be taught by Prof. Alkhalifah during 2015 Spring semester.

ErSE260 : Seismic Imaging
Seismic imaging will be introduced in the framework of Green’s functions and wavefield extrapolation while various imaging conditions will be discussed. We'll look at the various migration methods including Kirchhoff, phase-shift migration, Downward continuation methods, reverse time migration, and others. We'll also discuss the role that velocity plays in the seismic imaging process.

ErSE390 : Special Topics in Earth Science

In this Graduate level course, we will focus on Full waveform inversion (FWI) starting by covering its fundamentals, including an introduction to inverse theory, and getting an understanding on the philosophy behind FWI, trying to pick the mind of its introducer to our field Albert Tarantola​.