Assistant Professor Ebru Bozdag visiting KAUST

22 April, 2018

Ebru Bozdag is an assistant professor at Colorado School of Mines since April 2017. Previously, she was an assistant professor and held a chaire dʼexcellence position at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Prior to joining Nice as a faculty member, she was a postdoctoral research associate, then an associate research scholar, at Princeton University. She received her PhD in seismology from Utrecht University and MSc/BSc degrees in geophysics from Istanbul Technical University. Her research interests are centered around computational and global seismology. Specifically, she uses 3D wave simulations to improve our understanding of Earthʼs interior by linking observed data to advances in theory and numerical methods in wave propagation and optimization techniques. Her main research has been dedicated to performing global-scale full-waveform inversions based on 3D wave simulations and adjoint methods.

Title of ErSE seminar: Imaging Earthʼs Interior from Crust to Core by Global Full-Waveform Inversion