Data Analysis

5) Data Analysis


Whether we want to condition the data to fit a practical FWI setup, or extract attributes that may help in imaging, velocity model building, or ultimately interpretation, data analysis and processing is a crucial research topic. Our objective in this matter:
  a. Extracting the wave and its attributes: Wavefield identification by extracting information like time, amplitude, and dip has important applications in arrival picking, fast angle gather generation and FWI gradient conditioning. We have focused on utilizing the instantaneous time (and the instantaneous dip) to provide us with attributes for first arrival picking and arrival picking in general (Saragiotis, Alkhalifah, and Fomel, 2011; Saragiotis, Keho, Choi, and Alkhalifah, 2012).
  b. Data preparation: we use this characterization, instead of processing; to keep in mind that this is a step to a full physical treatment of the data, like FWI or imaging. This includes proper filtering, muting, and organization of the data (Choi and Alkhalifah, 2012).